The X-Twin is an Air Hogs R/C plane released in 2007. This plane later became a member of the Jet Set. It is not a plane to do tricks with and only flies in a 100 foot range but this plane is ideal for beginners that want a cool jet. It is also very durable as said previously: it is ideal for beginners.

0077898882725 215X215

the X-Twin

If for some reason it breaks you can just use tape and school glue and fix it to be good as new. There are 4 versions of this plane: blue, black, black with stickers, orange with air force stickers and orange with stickers(pic in template).
0077898882725 215X215
Year released:2007
Vehicle type:Plane
Age to Use:8+


more coming soon.




I have gotten R/C planes in the past, one of them the whole nose broke off(it was not air hogs), then I got the X-Twin and It flew better than any other I had got and even when I rammed it into a stone wall 10 times it just got a scrape of paint chipped of which I fixed with some glue! It is the best plane ever for first time R/C fans that want something that looks cool